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The future is in the hands of those who can look forward...

From this saying was born the partnership with Olivetti S.p.A.
The S2 has become "Olivetti3D S2 powered by Gimax3D".
Our S2 it is produced in the Canavese, the birthplace of Olivetti, and marketed through its sales channels that have passed the technical courses of 3D printing.

But we did not stop here, we trained well throughout the Service network to provide warranty and after-sale security to those who choose our brand.

Thanks to the great support and the high internal expertise to Olivetti reached over to the "CE" marking which already possessed also the "ISO" certification means security to the highest industry standards.

The market requires professionalism, safety and services?

We along with Olivetti S.p.A. we give you all this.
The "Olivetti3D S2 powered by Gimax3D" thus joined our S1, and Maty Maty-XT younger sisters with great potential.
Fast and simple printing processes, intuitive software, robustness and high capacities.
Printing all thermoplastic polymers has never been easier.
All this enables more and more people and companies to enter into the world of 3D printing by producing their own items simply by the different types of available materials.

This allows more people to enter the world of 3D printing and producing their own items simply with the different types of materials available.
The aluminum structure makes it very stable and durable.

The mechanical and electronic components of high quality reliable.
The extruder block open simple and versatile.




GIMAX3D: the Future that is palpable ...


Strong, Solid and very Accurate, suitable for every need Company: The Future is built every day !!

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Strands of high quality that can be used with any type of 3D printer, for optimum results with any printer!

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Eventi & Workshop

We look forward to Events, Exhibitions we are attending and Our training courses aimed to expand 3D printing!

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